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Defense Health Agency Military Health Systems Enterprise Information Technology Services Geographic Service Provider– (DHA GSP)


AGENCY: Defense Health Agency

SUB-AGENCY: Program Executive Office Medical Systems (MS) / Chief Information Officer J-6

The Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) is a multi-provider, integrated environment for the delivery of IT services to the DHA and Military Health System (MHS). The mission of the EITS Program is to transform MHS IT through a services integration approach that standardizes service delivery, increases efficiency, and measures and improves quality. The GSP $2.4 billion 10-year military health system information technology services contract covers a wide variety of IT tasks and services to standardize and provide robust information technology support at medical treatment facilities and other lines of business in the continental U.S. and outside the continental U.S. The nine scope areas include:

  • Scope Area 1: IT Service Desk
  • Scope Area 2: Database, Application, and Web Development
  • Scope Area 3: Identity Management and Desktop Support
  • Scope Area 4: Data Center Operations
  • Scope Area 5: Information Assurance
  • Scope Area 6: Network Operations
  • Scope Area 7: Telecommunications
  • Scope Area 8: Clinical Informatics
  • Scope Area 9: Information Business Operations

Requirements may fall within one specific functional competency areas but in many cases, the requirements will encompass and apply across and within multiple functional competency areas to provide the total life cycle solution.


Creek Technologies Company

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